Serving the Community: Outreach Programs in Howard County

Outreach ministries provide us with the opportunity to mobilize and inspire our capacity to serve and help people in need. The Mission and Local Outreach Committee of the Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church (CMPC) is proud to support the work of numerous mission agencies in Howard County and Baltimore.

Help End Homelessness Howard County

(HEH) is a non-profit organization created to meet the needs of homeless families whose incomes are too low to qualify for other safety net services. In response to the Covid pandemic, ICA began assembling and distributing food packages to struggling families in Howard County.

The Howard County Food Bank offers shopping options for the whole family, such as a grocery store with fresh produce and dairy products, fresh breads and baked goods, canned and boxed foods, and personal hygiene products at its Gerwig Lane location.

Rebuilding Together County

was formed in 1992 when a group of committed Howard County residents and businesses came together to mobilize volunteers and provide free home repairs to low-income families in Howard County. CMPC has also been part of the Howard County cold climate shelter for the past 18 years.

Marriage Encounter

(ME) is a Catholic Church movement designed to enrich and strengthen marriages. The Indigenous Cultural Association was formed to unite the diverse communities of Howard County through programs, events, outreach, and community support services to address the cultural, physical and emotional needs of the large indigenous population of Howard County and those of the community at large. Howard County is home to many churches that offer community outreach programs.

These programs are designed to help those in need by providing food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education, job training, counseling, and other services. Through these programs, churches are able to reach out to their local communities and make a positive impact on those who are struggling. The Mission and Local Outreach Committee of CMPC is dedicated to helping those in need. They provide assistance through their food pantry, clothing closet, financial assistance program, and other services. They also partner with local organizations such as HEH, ICA, Rebuilding Together County, Howard County Food Bank, Marriage Encounter, and Indigenous Cultural Association. These organizations work together to provide resources for those in need.

HEH provides housing assistance for homeless families while ICA provides food packages for struggling families. Rebuilding Together County offers free home repairs for low-income families while the Howard County Food Bank provides groceries at their Gerwig Lane location. Marriage Encounter helps strengthen marriages while Indigenous Cultural Association works to unite diverse communities. By collaborating with local organizations, churches are able to make a positive impact on their communities. Through these outreach programs, churches are able to provide resources for those in need while also building relationships with their local communities. If you are looking for a church that offers community outreach programs in Howard County, there are many options available.

From providing food and shelter to offering job training and counseling services, these churches are dedicated to helping those in need.

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