Uniting Communities: Outreach Programs Offered by Churches in Howard County

The Outreach Unit of churches located in Howard County is dedicated to providing a range of services to government agencies, organizations, and the community. These services include trainings, presentations, listening sessions, and events that are designed to educate citizens and businesses about crime prevention and address any arising issues. The Community Outreach Division is also focused on providing assistance to older, young, multicultural, and Asian populations, as well as to community groups in general. Community liaison officers are responsible for developing community programs and presentations and addressing neighborhood concerns for multicultural and older populations.

They are an excellent resource for community problems and can often help guide residents to a solution. The department works closely with several diverse community organizations to ensure that the needs of all residents of Howard County are met. The Community Outreach Division serves as a point of contact for people of different cultures, abilities, and the LBGTQ+ community to help address specific concerns. It also works to reduce poverty and enable self-sufficiency for all individuals, families, and children in need in Howard County.

COPS officers patrol Howard County's more than 190 miles of trails on mountain bikes, electric motorcycles, and all-terrain utility vehicles (UTVs). During the holidays, the Howard County Community Action Council collaborates with YOU and the incredible Howard County community to bring joy, laughter, and safety to families in need. Reading Human Rights is a monthly discussion group on books organized by the Howard County Office of Human Rights & Equity in partnership with the Howard County Library System. Allen is a visionary community outreach supervisor for the Howard County Office of Human Rights & Equity.

Before joining Howard County government, Claudia was a doctoral student in the Department of English at the University of Maryland, College Park, and an online content manager for a black Christian magazine. Through a partnership with the Community Action Council, it provides nutritious food for the less fortunate in Howard County. Marla Moore is an innovative community outreach coordinator for the Howard County Office of Human Rights & Equity. This training helps improve one's own and other's cultural awareness by understanding the impact of lived experience on unconscious biases and providing knowledge about the most recent cultural statistics in Howard County.

LEMS is a partnership between Christ Church and Lake Elkhorn Middle School aimed at providing support to students, teachers, and families. Before joining Howard County Government, Holly was an educator working in the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS). Through these partnerships, Howard County aims to build trust in the community so that it can feel supported and protected while also feeling comfortable presenting information about what is happening in its own communities in an effort to solve problems together. She was born and raised in Howard County and is excited to make an impactful change in this place she is proud to call home.

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