Explore Howard County for Special Events and Activities for Families

Are you looking for special events or activities for families in Howard County? Look no further! Howard County offers a variety of activities and events for families to enjoy. From concerts to historic sites, there is something for everyone. Renting a pavilion, boat, field, court, historic site, indoor facility or meeting room is an option for your special event. You can also call ahead to check the weather before you go anywhere.

The Merriweather Arts and Culture Center presents Guster in concert with the Howard County Youth Orchestra, with special guest Kyshona, on May 21. Events are held every weekend at the fairgrounds, with livestock shows, art and craft fairs, and more, including the Howard County Fair in August. Explore the Victorian era in Howard County by joining us on a tour or attending an educational program in this tranquil historic park atop a hill.

Night to Shine

is a free event for people with special needs organized by local churches around the world. This was achieved through the cooperative efforts of former County Executive Elizabeth Bobo, the Howard County Employment and Training Center, and the Maryland Home Builders Association. Today, the building is owned by Howard County and is managed by its Heritage Program through the Department of Recreation and Parks.

There is a free shuttle bus service that stops at each location and on the East Falls Church subway all night long, including a shuttle service from the East Falls Church subway station. Each host church is responsible for planning and organizing its local Night to Shine expression with the support and resources of the Tim Tebow Foundation. You can see exhibits that highlight other segregated schools in Howard County and the history of local African Americans. Howard County has something for everyone! Whether you're looking for a special event or activity for your family or just want to explore the area's history and culture, there are plenty of options available. From renting facilities to attending concerts or educational programs, there are plenty of activities to choose from. Plus, you can take advantage of free events like Night to Shine or explore local history at exhibits.

So don't wait any longer - start planning your family's next adventure in Howard County today!.

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