Understanding the Howard County Crisis Response Team

When faced with a crisis, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. Fortunately, the Howard County Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) is available to provide assistance. This team of mental health professionals is dedicated to helping individuals manage and overcome emotional, traumatic, or psychiatric crises. The Howard County Police Department works with Grassroots Crisis Intervention to refer non-emergency 911 calls for mental health issues to counselors through the Communications Initiated Referral to Crisis (CIRC) program. The Howard County Health Department provides a comprehensive behavioral health directory and other resource guides to help residents find the treatment they need.

Additionally, Howard County Police officers and dispatchers receive specialized 40-hour training to become certified members of crisis intervention teams (CIT). This training equips them with the skills necessary to interact more effectively and safely with people with mental health problems. Immigrant Behavioral Health Services links undocumented and uninsured residents in Howard County to behavioral health services. NAMI Howard County offers support groups and educational classes for people with mental illness and their loved ones. Humanim is an agency that provides employment development, behavioral health, and disability services to people in Howard County, including young adults with mental health problems. The emergency psychiatric services program is funded through the Garrett County Community Mental Health Center.

This program provides crisis services to citizens after normal business hours, holidays, and weekends. It also offers guidance, information, and access to veterans, military families, their dependents, and survivors in Howard County. Grassroots organizes a free and confidential support group for survivors of suicide losses in Howard County. Sources of Strength is an evidence-based peer leadership and suicide prevention program for high school students in Howard County. The Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center, NAMI, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and Howard County General Hospital all offer training and workshops related to crisis situations.

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