Youth Groups in Howard County: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a church in Howard County that offers youth groups? Look no further! There are several churches in the area that provide a variety of activities and programs for young people. Columbia John the Baptist Church is an excellent choice for those seeking to connect with teens and young children. The church offers a Sacred Arts Ministry, which uses creative artistic expression to enhance the preaching of the Word of God. Through song, technology, dance, and theater, participants can develop a close relationship with Christ and strive to inspire a deeper love for God.

The Columbia Presbyterian Church also has children and youth ministries that aim to make disciples of Christ. The church seeks to create an environment where young people are valued and taught solid biblical content in an interesting way. This way, every child is grounded in the Scriptures, transformed by its truth, and prepared to live in the world as followers of Christ. Cedar Ridge Church provides an accessible worship opportunity for children and families.

The service lasts 20-25 minutes and includes a homily and communion for children. Additionally, Cedar Ridge values both the opportunity to meet in larger groups on Sundays and in small groups called “discipleship groups”. These groups provide an atmosphere where members can get to know each other better, care for each other, help each other grow spiritually, and reach out to serve others together. Church & Community Care is another great option for those looking for youth groups in Howard County.

The church offers various Christian education ministries such as Sunday Church School, classes at the Discipleship Training Institute, monthly Bible study for women, and weekly Bible study classes for adults. Additionally, Church & Community Care provides opportunities to clean your space, water church gardens, donate toys, share activities, plant gardens, help at church, and clean the neighborhood.

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