Finding Addiction Recovery Programs at a Church in Howard County

At the Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, our therapists offer addiction treatment in Howard County, Maryland. Here you'll find news about substance abuse in the area, drug take-back events, information on how you can get involved in a drug-free Howard County, and much more. If you are looking for a comprehensive outpatient addiction recovery program, MARC can meet your needs. Ellicott City is the seat of Howard County, Maryland, and is part of the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Valley of Grace (VOG) is a faith-based, non-profit recovery ministry that has been helping people in Howard and surrounding counties receive addiction recovery services from its partner organization, Home of Grace, located in Vancleave, Mississippi. VOG is a 501 (c) () organization that depends on the generosity of private donors, foundations, corporations, churches and other non-profits. Valley of Grace (VOG) is working towards opening a Christ-centered recovery center for 90 days in Howard County, Indiana. This center will provide individuals with spiritual guidance and support while they work through their addiction issues. The center will also offer counseling services to help individuals learn how to cope with their addiction and develop healthy coping skills.

In addition to providing resources for individuals seeking addiction recovery services in Howard County, VOG also offers support groups for family members and friends of those struggling with addiction. If you or someone you know is looking for addiction recovery services at a church located in Howard County, Maryland, Valley of Grace can provide you with the resources you need. With their comprehensive program and spiritual guidance, VOG can help individuals find the strength they need to overcome their addiction and lead a healthier life.

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