What Food Donations Do Food Pantries Need Most?

When it comes to donating food to food pantries, there are certain items that are more beneficial than others. Applesauce is a great choice, as it can stay on the shelves for a long time and is packed with protein and fiber. Canned beans, preferably low-sodium varieties, are also an excellent and nutritious way to fill a hungry stomach. Other canned or boxed foods, such as soup, stew, chili, or macaroni and cheese with pre-made cheese sauce, are also great options as they are quick and easy to prepare while still providing a complete meal. In addition to food donations, many mobile food pantry sites allow you to pick up food for another household that you cannot physically attend.

When doing so, you should be prepared to provide the name, address, and household size of the other family. Most Mobile Pantry sites have a limit on the number of homes you can pick up for, so make sure to ask about this limit if needed. Finally, while not a food product, feminine hygiene products are essential for people in need but can be difficult and expensive to access. Donating these items can make a huge difference in someone's life.

Nikki Vanduyne
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