Exploring Music Programs and Choirs in Howard County: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a church in Howard County that offers music programs or choirs? Look no further! There are plenty of churches in the area that provide a wide range of musical opportunities for adults and children alike. From choirs to keyboard music, there is something for everyone. At McGregor Presbyterian Church, we offer adult and youth choirs as part of our services. Our talented players and vocal ensembles make music an integral part of the worship experience.

Everyone is welcome to join in and take part in the musical life of our church. The Howard County Arts Center (HCCA) provides year-round classes in visual, performing and literary arts for all ages. The center also founded the Howard County African-American Artists Alliance, which meets quarterly. Additionally, the Howard County Art Guild, established in 1993, meets every two months at the center.

The Howard County African-American Culture Center is home to nearly 300 artifacts and a 26,000 square foot exhibition that showcases African-American history in the county. It also houses the No Boundaries Musical Theater Company, a partnership between the Howard County Arts Council and the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks. The Columbia Orchestra is based at the museum and offers weekly rehearsal space for the Howard County Regional Youth Orchestra. Marilyn Byers founded the Howard County Dance Program for the Gifted and Talented in 1982. The Howard County Ballet was established in 1995 and provides performance opportunities and masterclasses for young and adult dancers.

The Howard County Summer Theater is the second oldest community theater in the county, renowned for its family atmosphere as well as its flashy musicals every summer at a high school. The organization expanded its activities in 1997 to include community outreach concerts with mini-concerts taken to schools, hospitals, nursing facilities and assisted living homes in Howard County.Rep Stage is an award-winning professional theater company based at Howard Community College that performs well-known and unknown plays. Rep Stage performances are funded by grants from the Columbia Foundation, the Howard County Arts Council, the Maryland State Arts Council, and individual and corporate donations. If you're interested in joining a choir or participating in other musical activities, there are plenty of options available in Howard County. From choirs to keyboard music to dance classes, there is something for everyone!.

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