Discovering the Special Events Hosted by Howard County Churches

Are you looking for special events hosted by churches in Howard County? Look no further! This article will provide an overview of the various activities and events organized by churches in the area. The Howard County Office of Human Rights and Equity (OHRE) is a non-profit organization that helps prevent evictions and utility outages, provides access to a food pantry, and sponsors monthly Hospitality Center dinners. Volunteers interact with people who request assistance and verify the need for the requests by calling the organizations to which the money will be sent. This organization is supported solely by donations from a wide variety of churches and synagogues in Howard County. Throughout the year, volunteers have the opportunity to take part in fundraising events, training on sensitivity and construction skills, and a Howard County service project.

These events are full of fun activities such as games, bouncy houses, a corn tournament, a live DJ, grilled food and more. They are sponsored by Howard County Executive Calvin Ball; the Howard County Office of Human Rights and Equity; Martin Luther King, Jr.; the Howard County Library System; the Howard County Executive Office; Nava Be Diné; and Denise Boston, manager of equity and restorative practices at OHRE. Randee Wilding, director of operations on the bench of the defendants C. Calvin Ball, Howard County Executive, the Office of Human Rights and Equity and Martin Luther King, Jr., moderated an important conversation with the Howard County Health Department's health officer, Dr. Sonnier.

The event was presented by OHRE when Howard County Executive Calvin Ball announced a proposal to create a permanent LGBTQIA+ commission for Howard County. The Columbia Pregnancy Center is an independent, non-profit medical clinic serving women and families in Howard County. It is supported solely by donations from churches in the area. In conclusion, there are many special events offered by churches located in Howard County. These events are sponsored by various organizations and provide an opportunity for volunteers to participate in fundraising activities, training sessions, and service projects. The Columbia Pregnancy Center is also supported by donations from churches in the area.

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